Bingo Entertainment Ltd has fast developed into one of the most trusted and popular marketing and management companies in the online gaming industry. Founded in 1999, Bingo Entertainment Ltd has now expanded to an international staff of over 60, and has delivered financial performance of the highest standard.

As the leading provider of bingo marketing and software solutions, Bingo Entertainment Ltd creates unique promotional and management initiatives that deliver powerful results and provide proven return on investment.

Industry marketing professionals trust Bingo Entertainment to generate player excitement, guarantee payouts, increase brand awareness, boost market penetration, enhance player loyalty and drive traffic. Promotion opportunities for our clients include bulk email campaigns to our own database of opt-in online players, bulk email to specific segments, media services like banner purchasing, per click programs, traditional media purchasing services, and promotional design and text communications.


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Bingo Entertainment Software Licensing

Bingo Entertainment is in the position to offer potential licensees a customized gaming system, an integrated payment system and the maintenance and administration services necessary for the operation of the licensed gaming system. All licensees have to do is generate traffic to participate in Bingo Empire, which aims at becoming the biggest bingo network in the world. Every licensee of Bingo Entertainment will receive a fully customized bingo game, which will feed the players into one large bingo hall.

The more the licensees, the more the players, the bigger the prizes and jackpots, resulting in bigger profits for all involved. By choosing one of the oldest names in the industry, licensees will benefit from an already experienced bingo management company’s established network of independent bingo games. The licensee will also receive instant listing on the Bingo Entertainment marketing network, and will be offered reduced advertising rates.

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Bingo Entertainment Company Mission

Our mission is to offer gaming players exciting environments, rewarding games and trustworthy payments, and to parlay consumer trust into successful partnerships with licensees of our software.

Bingo Entertainment Company Vision

Our vision is to maintain our market leadership position, diversify and expand, and grow into the top online player of bingo games in
Europe and the USA.